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March 27, 2008

New Add-ons Site Is Awsome

The new add-ons site is awesome, especially for us extension developers.

The Statistics Dashboard especially is a welcome addition. Being able to see the active daily users count is a great way to boost ones ego :)

The basic download/activity data is available as a feed right now, but I wonder if having the more detailed data (operating systems, applications, etc) available would be of any use? Right now one can download the CSV files. Of course privacy becomes an issue as well.

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March 8, 2008

Trusting 3rd Party Programs

Interesting little story about 3rd party password stealing.

What was interesting to me was that my own Gmail Notifier was accused of stealing passwords early on. It turned out the person actually downloaded the extension from another site and not my own (back when there was no addons.mozilla.org) and had his account "hacked".

Luckily, we have addons.mozilla.org now for a central location to get extensions. Hopefully the extension reviewers are doing a good job filtering out evil extensions :)

Of course, it is easier for us as most extensions are pure xml/js and that makes auditing much easier.

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March 4, 2008

IE8 Sees The Light

Internet Explorer 8 is changing its position on which rendering engine will be used for standards-compliant webpages.

Basically, if you have a standards-compliant page (doctype and all), it will use the new IE8 engine with all their changes. Before, it was going to be the IE7 mode. Of course, if your page has no doctype (Quirks mode), you still get the IE6 engine rendering mode.

Microsoft has made a bold choice, now it is up to us web developers to handle this correctly.

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