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February 17, 2008

How To Stop Firefox From Crashing When Watching ABC.com Full Episodes

Trying to watch an episode of Lost at abc.com and Firefox crashes on you? If you have Firebug installed, be sure to disable it for abc.com - that fixed it for me.

This tidbit actually came from the website of the company that created the plugin (Move Networks).

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February 14, 2008

.exe TLD Coming Soon?

According to Ars, a whole slew of TLDs may be coming soon under new rules that could allow .exe (and other popular file extensions) to be created.

It looks like they are simply handing any major issues (is foo.pdf a file or a url) off to the browser vendors rather than address them themselves. Hopefully they will consult browser vendors before they make any big changes, as it may affect extension sniffing (and perhaps security as well) browsers do today.

I call dibs on ihate.pdf!

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