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January 24, 2005

XForms XPIs Coming Soon

[play evil empire muzaac]

The work to make XForms XPIs for Gecko 1.8a6+ based browsers is on its way, and with it the first time a XML language can be installed via an XPI. XTF is used to be able to plugin into Mozilla, which was added post 1.7. Not since JavaScript has there been such an revolution!

What is XForms (project page) you ask? For some reason the W3C calls it "the next generation of Web forms", yet what it really is is a standard for storing forms in XML, with data separated from the UI controls. The language has its quirks and bad design choices, but at least it plays nicely with existing standards (DOM 2 Events, XPath). Unlike SVG, which likes to be incompatible with other standards it seems.

The XForms work for Mozilla is also interesting because its truly an open source project - people from IBM, Novell and several community volunteers have contributed to it and continue to work on it together.

Oh yeah, I managed to break the tree several times with XForms-related checkins. Including BSD, ppc/linux and Solaris. I am so proud.

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January 22, 2005

Plugin Finder Feedback?

I'll hopefully have some time soon (once XForms gets to its first milestone at the end of the month) to fix the outstanding plugin finder service (pfs) bugs for Firefox 1.1.

So I am looking for feedback on the existing feature in Firefox 1.0 (its being ported to Seamonkey as we speak - I love opensource contributors).

Things on my list:
- clean up the code. The code was designed to be used with a web service, but ended up being replaced with remote RDF. Thus the code can stand some cleanup.
- local cache of plugins to reduce load of the mofo server. The idea is in the future, a company could ship their version of the cache, which will allow individual mimetypes to be bound to a pfs server. That way, IBM can make sure internal Firefoxes will always get the IBM Java rather than Sun's.
- start enterprise features. The first one will be the ability to supply multiple pfs servers, so that for example Company A could use its intranet server, but allow falling back to the mofo one.

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