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September 29, 2004

Redhat Aquires Netscape Enterprise Server Lineup

CNet reports that Red Hat has aquired the Netscape Enterprise lineup of server software. And will release it as open source. Int-er-es-ting.

NES (Enterprise Server) is still used around the world by some big sites. I wonder if they got the messaging server, it had a nice webmail interface.

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September 28, 2004

Good Old Evangelism ( has recently been broken in Gecko browsers because they managed to comment out the line that adds Mozilla support:

//var isW3C = (document.getElementById && !isIE4) ? true : false;

Having had been a professional evangelist at Netscape for over a year, and wanting to find out the showing times for Goats 3D in my favourite bloated fast browser, I emailed them about this (a short 3 line email with the offending line).

Thank you for your email to I've forwarded your message to our website maintenance company to see if they can determine why this problem is occuring.

Reminds me of the good old days.

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September 25, 2004

Gmail Notifier 0.4 Beta

Get it here! (identifies itself as version 0.3.12). Should work in Mozilla 1.4+ and Firefox PR (older versions are probably supported, but untested).

- Now uses 2 XPCOM Components. This means that all browser windows will update at the same time and share notifier state.
- Sound notifications added (available from the preferences - either right click on the notifier icon or use the EM's options button).
- The frequently requested "reset counter on click" feature added to preferences
- No more weatherfox conflicts. Renamed all classes to be hopefully unique (prefixed with 'gm-notifier-') to avoid any conflicts for good.
- 99% localizable. I think I caught all strings, final 0.4 should be at 100%.

Features dropped is label support (code is there) and multiple accounts because I couldn't come up with a decent UI. Multiple accounts probably needs a dropdown listing all accounts, same for labels.

Changed to version 0.3.12 to fix adblock from breaking - had to circumvent their crappy, non-null checking code.

Updated to 0.3.13 to fix the toolbar item becoming very long under certain circumstances.

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September 11, 2004

QT Port is Back

The QT port is back.

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September 8, 2004

How to Test Firefox's Plugin Finder Service

My sample plugin service currently serves flash for linux and Java for Windows. To test:

Go to about:config and set "plugin.default_plugin_disabled" to true.

To test java, uninstall it and go to For Flash, try any website that needs it :)

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September 7, 2004

UI Spoofing, Security and Stupidity.

A new concept in the ever-lasting UI spoofing saga. An interesting idea, but the whole concept of making the end user aware of security is in my opinion a joke.

1) Secure sites are not safe. All it means is that data is transfered securely, but the destination can still be evil. The lock icon gives a false impression of security, unless the user goes and reads all the certificate details. Do you?

2) Users are stupid. Any new UI, always persistant urlbar/statusbar won't help these end users unless they are educated, and only helps advanced users. Social engineering can only be fought by educating, not adding more UI.

3) Changes made in the name of security are breaking enterprise web applications (I work for IBM, so I am biased. They pay the bills, so I like them, even if I have to use Notes) and are going to hinder mozilla-the-web-platform. Guess who has to tell some of the biggest middleware applications, who worked hard to achieve Mozilla compatability, that they have to rework everything again. IE may be unsecure, but its a great (stable) platform.

Which means we need a enterprise Mozilla browser. Perhaps Firefox Professional. Or Mozilla Navigator (aka Firemonkey).


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URL Bar Always Showing and Firefox Extensions Advice

If your extension adds a toolbar item, that item will show in the new urlbar that popup windows get unless you have class="chromeclass-toolbar-additional" defined on the toolbar XUL element.

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September 6, 2004

Plugin Finder Service Testers Needed

Pending one more patch from bug 253046, the plugin finder in Firefox should be good to go and get some testing. Hopefully that patch will go in tomorrow and tuesday's builds (perfectly timed for bug day) will be usable with my temporary server. Gmail invites for any bug finders and testers :)

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September 3, 2004

WinXP SP2 and ActiveX

A good article on about how SP2 breaks activex controls. Firefox is doing the same (yellow bar, etc), and this is going to cause pain for enterprise software that needs to install such plugins/controls.

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