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July 30, 2004

From the creators of South Park...

The trialer for their newest movie, Team America!

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Gmail Notifier 0.3.2

0.3.2 is a minor release - the only new feature is that the statusbar item is now an icon, not the "Gmail" text.

Its mainly there to add support for Firefox's updating mechanism and support for RC1. Should be on update.mozilla.org in a few days, or get it from here.

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July 26, 2004

Missing Plugin(s) Installer

One problem end-users often have are missing plug-ins. Netscape used to use the Plugin Finder Service (PFS), which the browser would open, and the service would either offer an installer or a html page with information where to get it. Sadley, the PFS has eroded, containing old versions of plugins. Before Netscape got axed, there were attempts to update the service with XPIs and newer information, but sadley that died together with the big N.

jst has done some work to make the default plugin in Firefox behave a bit better, including sending an event when no matching plugin can be found.

I set off last wednesday to write a plugin installer wizard using web services, and posted my current work last friday in bug 253046.

Screenshots of the flow are available here. Any feedback?

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July 23, 2004

document.all (aka Finally Something Evil I Didn't Cause)

As expected, everyone is in uproar regarding the undetectable document.all support that landed.

The patch will make some sites work, but probably not as many as people think. Though China sites will definately benefit ;)!

And for the web-standards-are-holy folks out there, have you actually looked at the DOM stuff Gecko supports? We have tons of non-w3c methods, both from Netscape 4 and IE (innerHTML anyone?). Though usually we implement them because the standard has no equivalent.

So be quiet, spread the love of Mozilla, and enjoy the market share boosts.


We support document.formName and document.forms[], two non standard apis that can be done in w3c land with getElementById. The obvious reason we have them is because this is used all over the web (because Netscape 3 [or was that 2] introduced it before all the document.layers/document.all silliness).

I'm actually against this patch, I liked Sun's idea/patch better, where you had a whitelist based approach.

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July 14, 2004

Gmail Notifier Extension 0.3

New stuff:

- Seamonkey support! (with uninstaller)
- Firefox 0.8 support (people were asking for this)
- Context menu for access to:
        Toggle Statusbar item
        Check Now
- Automatic login preference
- Once logged in, a preference to determine what happens if the icon is clicked on: either open in current tab, new window or new tab.
- On windows, when new mail arrives, a systen notification is shown (like mailnews/tbird does for new mail, or the ff download manager). Can be disabled in the preferences panel.

The statusbar item toggling was broken, 0.3.1 released to fix this.

Click here to download.

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July 8, 2004

Gmail Notifier Extension v0.2

This extension was created to see how easy it would be to screenscrape using just XPCOM interfaces and JavaScript.

Using the gmail notifier is against your Gmail agreement, and I won't be held responsible for anyone losing his/her account or becoming the top result for "agreement breaking bastard" on google.

Anyways, version 0.2 (still Firefox only) features a rewritten screenscraping method thanks to Darin's help. It features a statusbar and a toolbar item - you can remove the statusbar by editing the extension's preferences (tools -> extensions, choose the checkmark icon next to the Gmail Notifier entry). It now stores your password if you select a checkbox, no automatic login yet - you need to click on the icon or statusbar item to start the login screen.

Click here to install.

New icons courtesy Asa. UI still needs some lovin, but it looks halfway decent.

The new screenscraping method is basically a port of http://tvg.ca/files/gmail.phps into JavaScript/XPCOM.

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