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February 26, 2004

Want to help with Mozilla Developer Docs?

I'm currently working on a new format for the Gecko DOM Reference. The current format is a very non-semantic XML format. The idea is to convert it to a more semantic format and then use XSLT to generate the HTML and PDF versions.

I have a simple Java buildsystem running, and working on the syntax right now. Once that is settled, the current content needs to be moved to the new one, and wondering if anyone wants to help out with that tedious task :)

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February 24, 2004

Windows Media Player for Linux!


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February 16, 2004

Snow! Texas!

It snowed during the night of Friday the 13th in Texas!. Natrually, it was all gone after a few hours.

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February 9, 2004

Flash XPI for Linux Users

Having enough of people asking how to install flash on linux, I made an XPI (modified the one at ftp.netscape.com) that installs into the user profile. This is linux only, and will work with Mozilla and Firewhatever, but not with any gecko embeddors.

Legal: Not endorsed by Macromedia.

Click here to install.

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February 8, 2004

The Mozilla Platform Matures - SVG!

Mozilla has always been more than a browser - the last true browser was maybe Netscape 3. After that, browsers became platforms.

Now that SVG has landed (not built by default [yet?]), Mozilla matures. Now we need to get Web Services to work correctly, XSLT performance to be comparable to IE, and we might be able to do more butt kicking in the wonderfull world of enterprises.

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February 2, 2004







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