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October 31, 2003

Amazon sells more books with new search reports that Amazon is selling more books due to their new book search that allows you to search the text of books.

Start of the semantic web?

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New Launching Soon

And it doesn't seem they listened to people and made the damn header shorter. It is damn huge on 1024x768, mainly because the "logo" is so tall.

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October 30, 2003

Safari joins the dark side

Looks like Safari has joined the marquee crowd.

Reminds me to fix the outstanding marquee bugs in Mozilla.

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October 26, 2003

IE in LongHorn with popup blocking | Addon Management

IE with popup blocking image from LongHorn.

And a screenshot for IE's addon manager.

And you thought IE was dead.

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October 25, 2003

Compelling Mozilla Demos?

I'm trying to look for compelling Mozilla demos to demonstrate at an upcoming big expo. They have to be more buisness-oriented, aka enterprise stuff.

I've got the direct web services connection part covered, looking for something else and currently have a blank list.

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October 22, 2003

Epiphany 1.0.3 | K-Meleon 0.8.0 beta

Epiphany 1.0.3 is available.

If you are linux user and want a sleek camino-like browser, give it a try. Fastest linux browser bar none, and even has customizable toolbars for you geeks.

I personally use it with Mozilla 1.4.1 (gtk2/xft natrually for vundervull fonts) for the rendering engine, as 1.5 seems to have some issues.


For windows users, a k-meleon 0.8.0 beta build is available here. Probably the fastest browser on windows I've ever seen. Dunno why they must call tabs "layers", and the look is kinda ugly, but promising.

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X10 Ch11

X10 Files for Ch 11. And the web got a bit better.

Now we just need to kill the mocking bird and replace it with a monkey.

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October 17, 2003

Axis of Evil (or how Mozilla now works a bit better with Axis Web Services)

My patch for Bug 220827 went in. Mozilla Web Services should now work a bit better with Apache Web Services!

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Mozilla is RAD

IBM DeveloperWorks has an interesting Mozilla/XUL article. Its written by the author of the upcoming Mozilla book, Rapid Application Development with Mozilla.

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October 14, 2003

Netscape the ISP

Netscape once wanted to start a low cost ISP service, possibly one of the reasons AOL saw it as a threat and bought it. AOL did launch a Netscape ISP in the UK once, but that seems to be gone now.

And now, CNET reports that AOL will launch a low-cost ISP called Netscape. Just too funny. And who wants to bet it uses IE's rendering engine?

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October 9, 2003

Oh No! IE doesn't care about standards!

CNET has a funny article about how developers are griping about IE not adding more standards support. They even talk about maybe MS is waiting for longhorn to add them, making people migrate to it.

Haha. People seem to miss the fact that the web (and Netscape) were a threat to MS, and they decided to take over the threatening market, which they did. Microsoft hates web applications, as they can be cross platform. They rather tie you down to one OS - look how all the music buying sites on the web require IE, as they use windows media player. And I'm sure they rather you write your application in C# and IIS using .NET. If you have to use the web, do it all in VBScript and ActiveX.

Mozilla is the best web application framework out there. Opera has been improving, but still lacks a lot. And KHTML is about 2 years behind.

So lets go make Mozilla better. I'm starting to mess with the web services code in Mozilla, already have my first patch up to make it work with Apache Axis based Web Services. And what about you? (and no, moaning on forums and voting on bugs doesn't count. Even documentation doesn't, as its currently all over the place and not in a central location).

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October 8, 2003

Eolas files motion to enjoin IE

Article on CNET.

Amazing. Windows XP SE?

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October 7, 2003


So Microsoft, unsurprisingly, is going to modify IE for the Eolas patent. Basically, each time a page that contains an object tag that references external data will alert the user with an dialog (with only an ok button, no cancel!). The web developer can disable this by using the NOEXTERNALDATA attribute, but then no external content can be loaded.

Note that this won't stop advertisers from using rich media, as Microsoft seems to believe that the patent doesn't cover:

"The controls are created dynamically from script loaded from another location."

Quite interesting. I do wonder if "other location" qualifies as same domain and a different port :)

Natrually, this is going to hit Adobe (Acrobat), Macromedia (Flash), Apple (Quicktime), Real (RealPlayer) and others badley. Notice that for the most part, those technologies are cross platform (except Quicktime, which isn't for *nix). I'm sure Microsoft will sell a new update of Windows Media Player that makes it easy to fix the issue for its users.

The Web Application War is on.

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October 1, 2003

Patent Ho!

What is better than having a joint patent with mgalli being handed to the patent office by AOL soon?

Having AOL pay me for it!

Yes, patents are evil, etc, except for mine :)

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