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August 27, 2003

Need motiviation?

This is just too funny. My fav is consulting.

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Learn Venkman Now!

Everything you ever wanted to know about JavaScript Debugging with Venkman but were too afraid to ask about.


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August 26, 2003

Setting the cursor in a rich text editor

Fun with DOM Ranges and rte (formerly known as Midas): http://www.nexgenmedia.net/domranges/setcursor.html

Allows you to set the cursor inside a rte at a given row/column, given the row/column contains text.

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August 21, 2003


Hyatt's latest Safari blog entry about quirks and browser sniffing is something we discussed at Netscape a lot, especially in the evangelism group.

Quirks are annoying, but the web is not a very nice place. And if you think only one website has a certain quirk, you are usually wrong - code copy is rampant on the web. One example was China - I fixed a floating advertisement script for one of the major websites, and within a week, one other site had copied the fixed code. While this might justify evangelising websites to fix themselves, doing 1-1 evangelism is cumbersome. Adding a quirk usually is much simpler in terms of man hours.

Hyatt also notes that many sites do now (in part to Netscape/Mozilla) support DHTML for standards compliant websites, but usually they check IE/NS4 first, and then only DOM (usually because its less changaes to the code to add an additional else if(){}), and only Gecko and now Safri ever hit the DOM path, even though IE could easily handle it.

This is also one of the reasons (the main in fact) for my being against adding document.all support - if we don't fully support all of IE DOM, we would screw up sites that currently work with us! And if we didn't, then sites would still break, even with document.all.

So if you are a web developer, please check DOM complaince first! It will help you once day to only need one codepath for everything!

No wonder so many browser devs are moving away from the industry :)

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Understanding Web Services

A good overview of web services at IBM.

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August 20, 2003

Introducing Spengler, a XUL based web service inspector

One thing I started at Netscape was a XUL Web Service Inspector for the mozilla web services initiative. It allows you to "inspect" a web service via its WSDL file and generate testcases for mozilla accessing that webservice.

Note that you need the signed.applets.codebase_principal_support pref set to true (about:config is your friend) for now. Also, the .h view kinda broke :)

Spengler can be found here.

For example, choose the babel fish web service (http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/BabelFishService.wsdl). In the lower right side, the "Methods" panel will contain the method "BabelFish", as the webservice only has one method. Right click and select "Create Testcase". Enter say "en_fr" for translationmode and whatever you want to translate into sourcedata.

The code is ugly (went from a simple inspection to a test case generator, so lots of hacks), and will be rewritten as a mozdev project.

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August 19, 2003

What do you want?

Why do YOU read blogs? What do YOU want blogs to be about?

My guess is to feed your voyeuristic needs. Shame on you! Zip up and go help an old lady cross the street! And no peeking!

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August 18, 2003

Real World Popups

I'm sure someone already said this before (maybe me even, too lazy to search my blog), but salesmen at furniture shops are like popups. I am considering a popup blocking tool, a tshirt saying "talk to me and I'll bleepin shoot you".

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August 14, 2003


One pretty nifty xbProject is xbCalendar, a cross browser dhtml calendar system. Just remember, in JavaScript, some fields like Month are 0 indexed!

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August 13, 2003

What do web developers want from Mozilla?

Are you a web application developer? Do you not use Frontpage? If yes, I want YOU to suggest what mozilla needs to become the best browser for web developers.

This covers only gecko, and not anything in the UI btw.

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Murphy Habitat

Yesterday I moved into my apartment in sunny Austin. Natrually, a thunderstorm hit the previous night, numerous trees had been uprooted and the roofs of the covered parking were touching the ground.

The movers were supposed to arrive with my furniture from CA between 10-12am they said. At 4 PM they actually arrived, and I got into work at 6:15pm. Very productive day.

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August 7, 2003

Lets Waste Some Soap

In the hotel I am currently staying in, they provide (like all hotels do) free soap bars. Each day, the slightly used bar gets replaced by the cleaning staff with a new unused one.

Is soap recycable? I doubt it.

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August 4, 2003

Helloooo Austin

Its a 3 hour (direct) flight to austin. I got at the airport, expecting to arrive there at 5 pm local time. But the aviation gods decided its fun to mess around with me, and I arrived in Austin close to 11 PM after having my flight cancel and having to take a layover in Dallas. At least they gave me 1st class on the 2nd leg, which was nice.

To the surprise of many, I am now at IBM. Doing what you may ask? Dunno, I have yet to be told :)

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August 1, 2003

goodbye doron@netscape.com

Things I won't miss:

AOL Communicator
AOL Client
CM Login
Screnname authentication
East coast QA

Things I will:

25 cent sodas
can bridge
the people in bld 21
Bld 21

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