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June 30, 2003

Go hunt some vamps with Netscape 7.1

Buffy is out! And there was mucho rejoice. Get Netscape 7.1 here.

With Mozilla 1.4, I think we have finally adressed a long standing issue mozilla has had - lagging behind IE in terms of web developer-oriented features. In 1.0, we had great end-user features like popup blocking and tabbed browsing, to name a few. But for web application developers, they are either useless or a nuisance.

But now in 1.4, we have inline rich text editing (golden touch dude), very popular in enterprise apps and webmail for example.

We have better XSLT support and xslt/javascript bindings, allowing web apps to do dynamic xslt transformations in memory. This is getting more and more usage (yahoo uses it in for IE and its good to have that.

With web services support, we are somewhat ahead of IE, as you usualy need to install the windows .NET extension to get WSDL and SOAP support in IE. We get it out of the box, and it works on Windows 98 even :)

I'm happy that I managed to cover all of these somewhat on DevEdge before getting the axe. Documenting these is important if mozilla's web compliance is to increase, which can only happen if web developers code for it in the new next generation web applications.

Oh, and no MNG bloat :)

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June 28, 2003

Sleep is for weenies

Due to the overly warm weather and my work project, I haven't been sleeping much lately. Natrually, I end up forgetting to check in some needed files for the project, messing up everything.

Lesson learnt: diff your tree before leaving on fridays.

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June 26, 2003

The power of blogs

So I blaahged about the "blog this" feature in the google toolbar for IE, and a person who implemented a "blog this" context menu addon for Mozilla added a comment to that entry. That is the power of blogs, which is damn cool.

Url btw for the addon is

On other notes, the weather today and yesterday is amazing, really warm (was 33 degrees celcius yesterday at 6pm!). Go Bay Area!

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June 25, 2003

Blog this!

The new google toolbar for IE (link) contains 2 interesting features:

- The ability to "blog this" using blogger (whom they recently bought).
- Popup suppression

I might have to incorporate the 2 into my google toolbar, which I hope to release soon.

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June 23, 2003

Rastafari 1.0

Er, I meant Safari 1.0 seems to be out. Everyone seems to be focusing on its rendering speed and css support, but what about DOM and JavaScript? kjs has always disappointed me, as has kdom.

Hopefully I can get it installed on this g3 powerbook they gave me here at Netscape (or is it to test Mac IE and see if its a worthy web application framework provider, and not just a pretty little rendering engine ala Opera.

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We need no stinkin schedules, we'll just decide to make the release date half a month earlier to make your life better, as you just *love* to work 12 hour days and weekends!


At least as a contractor, I get to bill overtime.

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June 19, 2003


Spent 2 hours figuring a issue, turns out it QueryInterface was misspelt as QueryInteface. Some other jolly misspellings:


Need a xpcom spellchecker.

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Finally got firemonkey running - currently it works and looks like firebird. Need to decide if I should:

a) Clone browser.xul and keep my own version (say as navigator.xul). This means I can easily change the UI and all, but won't get any bug fixes.

b) Make it an overlay to browser.xul. Less maintenance required, but limits the UI changes.

Changes I would like:

- Ye Olde preference panel and the old location in the edit menu
- A normal Sidebar
- Modern theme
- More mail integration (send page etc)
- Whatever you want!

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June 18, 2003

Money Money Money, its so funny...

Pacific Bell sent me a check for $11.71 for no stated reason. I'm rich!

Now to find something to spend it on...

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June 17, 2003


So AOL employees get to go see Dumb and Dumbererer for free. Yet contractors don't.

Does this mean that:

a) Contractors are a clever bunch and don't watch stupid movies and would be offended?
b) Contractors are slaves and should work while the stock holding, benefit gathering employees get to slack off?
c) I have nothing else to blog about?

Take your pick.

btw, latest 1.4 builds rock.

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June 16, 2003


Managed to spend the weekend sick with fever. First time I got sick in the US, looking for some scapegoats now.

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June 13, 2003

Modern Borking

Visit with a Netscape browser (or change your UA), and you get this:

"Dont't[sic] switch your ways, just switch your browser to get the best Internet experience. Now you can download Opera and add a special Netscape skin in just one click."

And this image appears as well.

Bork using the Modern theme!

Update: Screenshot by me.

More updates: Contributed screenshot of by sirLurxalot

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je m'appelle (or is it je m'apple?)

I spent 2 (or was it three?) years in high school learning french. I even took French SL for my IB (the site uses iplanet servers it seems, cool), and managed to barely pass. Funnily enough, in the end, I didn't need it, as I ended up with 7 IB exams rather than the required 6. So I wasted a lot of time learning a fourth language for nothing. However, I did know I didn't need it when I took the exam, so I didn't study for it.

Why was I talking about this? Right, Tristan's blog, StandBlog. I was able to read it without using my cheat tool! Standards in French, what more can you ask for?

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Mac IE is no longer.

And there was rejoice. yay.

Mac IE is being discontinued. Goodbye browser who lacked DOM support I always relied on.

Hopefully safari's DOM and JavaScript support will be better. However, this is really bad news for Gecko. Everyone on the Mac will move to embedding webcore and not embed the lizard.

Sad news for standards too, as Eric Meyer reminds me. The only part of Microsoft that cared about web standards is gone.

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Friday the 13th Part 1

Hockey Mask.

Disfigured Body.

Knife in Hand.

Beware the third floor in Bld 21 next to

Oh, and Sybase sucks.

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June 12, 2003

Help test 1.4 rc2 candidates

Fresh hot Mozilla 1.4 rc2 candidates* are available for testing.

* Contents may be hot, render pages very fast and support web services :)

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June 11, 2003

Firemonkey anyone?

The head of a monkey, the body of a monkey, and fire coming out of the nether regions of said body...

Or take seamonkey's established navigator UI and port it to the new toolkitthingy. With all the cool prefs the big boys like to play. And toolbar customization, which people seem to care about. And the modern theme, so we can act as if we care about backwards compatability.

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Clever Thing Of The Day

Today's clever thing of the day is:

Letting people download personal versions of Borland software for free.

Not a very clever thing, but most clever thing I've seen today.

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Finding your line in ViewSource

In case you use Mozilla 1.4 or trunk, ViewSource now has a "Go To Line" feature in the edit menu (or use ctrl-l). The bug for this was bug 104383.

Happy line hunting!

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June 10, 2003

Mozilla Webservices made easy

My final DevEdge article has finally been published here.

It covers Mozilla 1.4's WSDL support (easier way to communicate with web services) as well as the new security model we are proposing.

It won't work with .NET web services due to Bug 137490. Nisheeth and Harish figured out that .NET web services require the 2001 XML Schema, even though the SOAP 1.1 XML Schema is from 1999. Hopefully sending out the 2001 Schema won't break us too much.

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And so it begins...

A new blaahg, which will not contain any goats and only usefull information for those who wish to extend their minds.

The first rule of blaahging: Don't mention your goat

The second rule of blaahging: Use mozilla

The third rule of blaahging: If its your first blaahg, you get to gloat.

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