January 15, 2009

7 Things

Axel tagged me. I'll get even with him some how, some way.

seems like planet is already way overloaded and now this. oh well, I can't resist testing the power of the network that is the firefox/mozilla nation.

The *one* love of my life and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this year. Here we are in the magical kingdom of St. Andrews. magic kingdom

We have *two* kids, Rachel and Sam. rae and sam

*Three* if you count sparky. spark

*Four*, if you count the Miata, even after being scraped up a bit on hwy 85 a few months ago. The Miata just went over 164k amazing miles. The miata will never die.

Most proud of the fact that for *five* years now Firefox has gained browser market share, and IE has declined.

If you have heard one of my talks you know there are *6 things* that are key to every browser release. Take your eye off the ball on any of these and you better watch out for disaster. Creating the right balance among all of these 6 areas is tough, but if you can do it you build a browser that just "feels right" and people will adopt. Can you name the 6 things?

Spoke at conferences and evangelized Firefox, Mozilla, and Open Source Development in *seven* different countries outside the US last year (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, and Spain). The fact that Active Daily Users doubled in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico last year still blows me away.

I tag

* Marcio
* Guillermo

those two are trouble!

SA trouble


* Felipe
* Ricardo
* Leo
* Arun
* Suneel

someone tag these guys if they haven't been already...

* seth
* tenser
* gandalf
* stas
* dougt
* jslater
* rolo
* ken

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