November 21, 2009

Open Source Education in Brasil

Last Summer I got the chance to visit several Universities while traveling around Brasil.

One of the stops was to meet up with Prof. Fabio Kon and students at the University of Sao Paulo and the FLOSS Competence Center.

For the last several years Prof. Kon has been getting students involved in Open Source Projects and is active in a variety of efforts to not only build the Competence Center at USP but to coordinate efforts to build these same kinds of programs at universities around the world.

This year with Prof. Kon's help and guidance a few students selected as the Mozilla Projects for their studies and the are starting to dive in.

One of the students, Glaucus Augustus, recently wrote to me with an update on their progress. The have learned how to navigate bugzilla, found some bugs tagged as student projects related to Sunbird work, made contacts with module owners, and are launching into some bug fixing and feature work.

You can read about their work at (Portugese) or the google translated article.

Its great to see the progress at and students getting involved in many different ways all over the world.

This is also just a reminder. If you spot a bug that students could help on, be sure to tag it with the "student-project" key word in bugzilla. Students are out there looking for ways to get involved!


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September 30, 2009

Swisscom's first choice...

on their mobile kiosk is Firefox!...

swisscom kiosk

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August 14, 2009

Please tell me Firefox won't ever look like this on first run.

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August 10, 2009

Where in the world does the President attend Open Source Conferences?

In Brazil! Imagine a place where the President of a country understands and can articulate a message about Free and Open Source Software.

An amazing video is up that shows Lula da Silva, Brazilian President, talking about the importance of Free Software and the Internet a few weeks ago at the FISL Conference, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

If you live inside, or outside, Brazil you might disagree with his politics; but at FISL he delivered a pretty compelling speech on the importance of Free and Open Source Software and its place and contribution to Free Culture and Open Society, and Democratic Process.

...and he became the first world leader to endorse Firefox 3.5 ;-)

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May 26, 2009

FLOSS Manuals: Changing the Publishing World One Book at a Time.

Update: Checkout the SUMO blog for more information on the upcoming Firefox Book Sprint on Thursday.

Millions of people have ideas for book they would like to write. Many of those people hold out the hope that some day they will get the time, write this book, become famous, and become rich.

It's too bad that all of these things need to come together to make interesting books happen more often. Anyone that ever been involved in the publishing of a book will also tell you that fame and fortune from books are pipe dreams, especially with any book related to software. Software is just two much of a moving target to keep in sync between the software and the book. Even fast track books take 6-9 months to make it though a publishing cycle, and in 9 months any piece of good software has evolved way beyond the book.

The FLOSS Manuals Project wants to change all by bringing open source concepts to publishing. They are engaged in building a platform and community designed to get interesting books published and do it on faster cycles. I recently had a chance to participate in a FLOSS Manual Book Sprint as they worked on a Firefox Manual

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January 15, 2009

7 Things

Axel tagged me. I'll get even with him some how, some way.

seems like planet is already way overloaded and now this. oh well, I can't resist testing the power of the network that is the firefox/mozilla nation.

The *one* love of my life and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this year. Here we are in the magical kingdom of St. Andrews. magic kingdom

We have *two* kids, Rachel and Sam. rae and sam

*Three* if you count sparky. spark

*Four*, if you count the Miata, even after being scraped up a bit on hwy 85 a few months ago. The Miata just went over 164k amazing miles. The miata will never die.

Most proud of the fact that for *five* years now Firefox has gained browser market share, and IE has declined.

If you have heard one of my talks you know there are *6 things* that are key to every browser release. Take your eye off the ball on any of these and you better watch out for disaster. Creating the right balance among all of these 6 areas is tough, but if you can do it you build a browser that just "feels right" and people will adopt. Can you name the 6 things?

Spoke at conferences and evangelized Firefox, Mozilla, and Open Source Development in *seven* different countries outside the US last year (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, and Spain). The fact that Active Daily Users doubled in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico last year still blows me away.

I tag

* Marcio
* Guillermo

those two are trouble!

SA trouble


* Felipe
* Ricardo
* Leo
* Arun
* Suneel

someone tag these guys if they haven't been already...

* seth
* tenser
* gandalf
* stas
* dougt
* jslater
* rolo
* ken

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January 4, 2008

New PC Retailer Gives Discount to FireFox Users


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