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Lightning 1.1.1 fixes a critical error on Windows XP

Due to a critical issue that some Windows XP users are experiencing, we have decided to release Lightning 1.1.1, an intermediate release compatible with Thunderbird 9/Seamonkey 2.6. We recommend all users to upgrade, especially those who cannot see their calendar data and are getting an error console message "Failed to load native module at path ...\calbasecomps.dll".

You can get the builds on addons.mozilla.org, as always.


I just downloaded and tried to install, only to encounter "Not compatible with Thunderbird 3.1.17". That version silently crept onto my system on or about 6 Jan 2012 and I've been without a calendar ever since. Is there an ETA for a compatible version?

Please use Lightning 1.0 beta 2, if you are still using Thunderbird 3.1.17. It is available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/lightning/versions/1.0b2

Newer versions of Lightning are only released for the current Thunderbird release at the time. You can find an overview of past and current releases of Lightning at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/lightning/versions/

Each entry there contains information on which Thunderbird release is suitable for each given Lightning release.

I am running Thunderbird 9.0.1 and Lightning 1.1.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1. When I receive Outlook meeting invitations, they are displayed in a formatted box in the email, but there is no attachment shown, and the event is not placed in the calendar. I viewed the same email in Windows Live Mail, which showed it had an attachment "ATT000006.txt". I saved it as "ATT000006.ics" and then was able to import it into Lightning. Is this a known issue, or is there something I need to do to enable scheduling of these meetings in my Lightning Calendar with Thunderbird?


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