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March 4, 2010

Sane dual-boot between Fedora 12 and Windows 7

I finally got around to setting things up so I can use my fast box headless without too much pain.

What I wanted was to have the system boot into Linux by default, but to be able to boot it into Windows as desired via a reboot from Linux. Then another reboot from Windows would get me back into Linux. This way I can boot into Windows as needed, use it via remote desktop, then back to Linux and ssh when done. Turns out, this is more annoying than necessary due to the local hacks fedora has to grub which cause the official documented version of how things should work to fail. There was also the minor issue that the normal ways of shutting down Windows via the GUI are not available over remote desktop.

What I have set up now is:

  1. Change the default= line in grub.conf from 0 to saved.
  2. Add alias winboot='echo "savedefault --default=2 --once" | /sbin/grub && /sbin/shutdown -r now' to /root/.bashr since my Windows option is at slot 2 as far as grub is concerned.
  3. Set up a shortcut on my Windows desktop to shutdown -r -f -t 0.

Seems to work great so far.

Posted by bzbarsky at March 4, 2010 2:12 PM