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November 19, 2009

Linux (FC12) wake-on-LAN woes

I just spent the last two hours or so trying to get wake-on-lan to actually work on Linux. Sadly, most of the HOWTOs (assuming the link isn't broken) aren't actually that useful. Here's what I can observe

  1. Wake-on-LAN is enabled in the BIOS.
  2. Shutting down with "poweroff" or "shutdown -h" leaves the network card powered (the link light is on).
  3. Sending a magic packet to the machine doesn't power it on.
  4. If I hit the small black button on the back of the power supply once, it makes a slight noise, and after that sending a magic packet does power on the machine.

So my best guess so far is that poweroff puts the power supply into a state from which the NIC can't wake it up. I have no idea what that state might be, nor how to change this behavior. I welcome any ideas!

Update: To be clear, I've tried all the power management setting combinations in the BIOS. Most have the behavior I describe above; the rest power down the network card as well.

Update: To forestall more comments from people who aren't reading item 4 above carefully, the network card itself reports that it'll do wake on magic packet when you ask with ethtool. It DOES do wake on magic packet, in fact, but only after I press that button on the power supply. And honestly, try to give me some credit for actually trying the one thing all the howtos on this have in common, that being ethtool.

Posted by bzbarsky at 12:02 AM

November 15, 2009

Looking for luggage and a digital camera

I find myself in the market for two things, and was wondering whether anyone has any recommendations:

  1. Luggage. I'm looking for something to check (not a carry-on) for trips when I need to take a bunch of stuff along. Obvious desirable qualities are being sturdy enough to deal with being checked, spacious, light. Bonus points for noticeable (e.g. brightly colored), cheap. Given how I use luggage (e.g on hilly sidewalks), I'd want one of the ones with 2 wheels, not 4 wheels.
  2. Digital camera. Just looking for a point-and-shoot. Main criterion here is that it have good enough quality to print, not just look at on screen. I suspect any modern camera will have most of the rest of what I want (reasonable capacity, decent battery life, ability to shoot close-ups if needed). If I can find something that doesn't have a delay on the order of 1s between me pushing the button and the picture being taken, that's a big plus! Past that, I'm not even quite sure what typically differentiates digital cameras nowadays; haven't shopped for one in a while.
  3. I welcome any advice people may have.

    Posted by bzbarsky at 8:08 PM