Three Monkeys, Three Typewriters, Two Days

October 14, 2008

HTML (and a bit of Python) help needed

The hgweb annotation output on is painfully slow. On large files it's two orders of magnitude slower than our old Bonsai output.

I've filed bug 459823 on getting this fixed. There is a corresponding bug on mercurial which has lots of analysis and some comments about what needs fixing and how to start.

The upshot is that the template for the annotation output needs to be changed (HTML coding plus a bit of Python, I assume) to output HTML that doesn't require O(N^2) behavior to render. Sadly, I'm a bit swamped for time to work on this right now, but if someone wants a way to seriously help out Gecko development without touching C++ code, this is it!

Posted by bzbarsky at October 14, 2008 9:04 AM