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August 25, 2008

Looking for an external hard drive

I'm sort of looking for an external hard drive to use for shared data storage now that Emma and I are both more or less moving to using laptops full-time. We don't foresee needing a huge amount of storage, unless we start taking a lot more video of Arlan. Order of 100 GB would probably be just fine, and I doubt I can even find something that small.

The general plan is to hook the drive up to a wireless router. As I see it, I can either get something that speaks ethernet and hook it up that way, or get a USB2 external drive, or get an enclosure that speaks USB2 and move one of my existing internal hard drives from the desktops I'm retiring into it.

Any recommendations? I'm leaning toward the external USB2 drive at the moment, so if people can recommend particular ones I would be quite interested.

Oh, one more thing. If I go with the USB2 thing, I should get a USB2 hub too. Any particular ones to avoid here? There seem to be a lot of really cheap ones out there, which seems a little fishy to me.

Note: This is not a backup solution, so no need for RAID or anything like that. I sort of have something in place for backups already. This is purely shared file storage.

Posted by bzbarsky at 7:47 PM

August 7, 2008

Please test the heck out of tab drag and drop

I just landed an initial checkin to support tab drag-and-drop between windows. Please bang on it. Hard. Especially if you use extensions. We've tried to make it transparent to extensions as much as we could, but I'd like to know what things break (and I do expect _something_ to break).

I already know that it doesn't play that nice with bfcache. I'll fix that in a week or so. I'd like to hear what else doesn't work, either as comments here, as mail to me, or as bugs filed in Firefox:Tabbed Browser. This last is preferred, of course!

Posted by bzbarsky at 11:22 PM