Three Monkeys, Three Typewriters, Two Days

January 26, 2006

API review needed

I'm adding a new API in bug 323810. The idea is that embeddors should be able to implement things like "force new windows into new tabs". I'd dearly like feedback on the API I'm proposing there, so if you have thoughts on it please either comment here or email me or comment in the bug.

Posted by bzbarsky at 10:49 PM

January 24, 2006

Bug filing stats

Benjamin's and Josh's posts about numbers of bugs filed got me to do some querying of my own. My numbers look like:

  • 1370 bugs filed
  • Breakdown: 780 FIXED, 371 open, 135 DUPLICATE, 29 INVALID, 20 WONTFIX, 35 WORKSFORME
  • 1371 bugs fixed, with the same caveat as Benjamin

Pretty amusing that the numbers are that close together.

I also did some more querying, and the top bug fixer of all time is Seth Spitzer (with 1671 bugs fixed). The top bug filer is Josh Soref (with 3458 bugs filed).

Posted by bzbarsky at 4:59 PM

January 8, 2006

Bugmail not getting read much

At this point all bugmail is automatically going into a bugmail folder. It's coming in at about 3-4 times the rate that I can read it at, so please expect delayed responses, with longer and longer delays as time goes on.

Also, please don't cc me on bugs where dozens of people are going to jump in with "I see this too" type comments... :(

Posted by bzbarsky at 5:15 PM