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May 14, 2005

Still trying to get builds/pulls to happen faster

Here's an interesting question. For something like CVS checkouts from a local CVS mirror or ccache-using builds, would putting the CVS repository or ccache data store on a different hard drive from the sourcedir or objdir (respectively) make things faster or slower? Especially for my typical use case, which is updating 4 or more trees all from the same CVS repository, it seems there could be a win from having the accesses happen on different disks... Is there any work that's been done on testing this? Or should I just time both and see?

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May 9, 2005

"Who needs plugins?" (or "What's going on in Gecko-land, anyway?")

biesi's got the eyes of the Acid2 Test showing up by moving <object> loading to content! A little more work to make plugins actually work again, and I think we'll have a winner. Not just that, but moving the data loading to content makes the :-moz-broken/etc implementation I've been looking at that much easier. I do look forward to having the following CSS work:

  img:-moz-broken::before, input:-moz-broken::before,
  img:-moz-user-disabled::before, input:-moz-user-disabled::before,
  /* Nonempty applets should just show their kids. */
  applet:empty:-moz-user-disabled::before {
    content: -moz-alt-content;
  img:-moz-suppressed, input:-moz-suppressed, object:-moz-suppressed,
  embed:-moz-suppressed, applet:-moz-suppressed {
    display: none;

Bernd got another part of Acid2 working, with some Top Sekrit "we'll put them in the next revision of the spec" clarifications from the CSS Working Group.

Blazingly fast back is in the trunk. Bryner's a saint for putting up with me on this one, I have to say. Try it out; you'll like it. If you don't, we can point you to the code so you can help make it better. ;) Chase has the scoop on the prefs to set.

Also, it looks like the great unit crusade is proceeding apace. If nothing else, that should help all of us who have 200dpi monitors. Those of us who don't should request them so that we can test the patch, of course.

Finally, roc's been blogging about his cairo-wrangling and David has been keeping a low profile on the reflow branch.

The first week of 1.9a is going to be an interesting time, indeed.

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