Three Monkeys, Three Typewriters, Two Days

October 19, 2004

Update on bugmail counting

I've found two more types of bugmails in the "junk" category:

  1. "Can this be checked in on aviary branch?" (Usually asked about bugs that are very clearly alpha material and that caused known regressions listed right in the bug.)
  2. Mails that Bugzilla should really not be sending. If I set sr+ on a patch, I do NOT want to get mail about it. I even have the appropriate option ticked in prefs. I still get a mail. One that claims that my patch got reviewed, at that. There are several types of mails like this that I've been getting from Bugzilla; they are currently making up about 10% of my bugmail.
Posted by bzbarsky at October 19, 2004 6:18 PM