Three Monkeys, Three Typewriters, Two Days

October 28, 2004

Help needed with fixing some chrome XBL bindings

I'm looking for people familiar with XUL/XBL/JS to help fix a bunch of the chrome XBL bindings, both in XPFE and in toolkit, that are making some invalid assumptions about when the constructor fires. The bug tracking this is bug 266590.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated; the current state of things blocks changes that need to happen to back-end XBL and XUL code...

Posted by bzbarsky at 8:41 PM

October 23, 2004

Bugmail counts for the week

The results are:

  1. Bug-fix related: 463
  2. Project management related: 62
  3. Junk: 170
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October 19, 2004

Update on bugmail counting

I've found two more types of bugmails in the "junk" category:

  1. "Can this be checked in on aviary branch?" (Usually asked about bugs that are very clearly alpha material and that caused known regressions listed right in the bug.)
  2. Mails that Bugzilla should really not be sending. If I set sr+ on a patch, I do NOT want to get mail about it. I even have the appropriate option ticked in prefs. I still get a mail. One that claims that my patch got reviewed, at that. There are several types of mails like this that I've been getting from Bugzilla; they are currently making up about 10% of my bugmail.
Posted by bzbarsky at 6:18 PM

Good first bug list has RSS feeds

Kept meaning to blog about this, but it kept slipping my mind. The list of good first bugs now has RSS1 and RSS2 feeds. My thanks to fantasai, dbaron, and myk for making this work.

Posted by bzbarsky at 2:26 PM

October 16, 2004

Bugmail classification

I plan to log the bugmail I get over the next week and classify it into three categories:

  1. Bugmail related to fixing bugs (patches, technical comments, reviews, bug descriptions, discussion on how to fix a bug, QA comments verifying bugs, testcases, review requests, etc).
  2. Bugmail related to project management (flags, target milestones, other such overhead).
  3. Everything else (misplaced comments, advocacy, rants, and so forth).

I don't really have a good feel for how things will break down, so it'll be interesting to find out the results. Watch this space. Depending on the results, I'll decide what to do with bugmail going forward.

Posted by bzbarsky at 11:58 PM