Three Monkeys, Three Typewriters, Two Days

January 26, 2003

Comments on Weblogs

I just read the most recent user comments on Ben's (why can't I link to your comments, Ben?) and hyatt's weblogs... I'm sorry to say that these comments, as well as most other weblog comments I have seen, are totally inane. Perhaps I should disable comments on this blog....

Posted by bzbarsky at 3:33 PM

setTimeout to the rescue

setTimeOut in the right place helps... but the problem is a core one in XBL

Posted by bzbarsky at 2:46 AM

XBL strikes again

Today I tried to fix the async loading in the CSSLoader to really be async. Too bad XBL seems to depend on it being sync in some cases and royally fucks up....

Posted by bzbarsky at 2:10 AM

January 25, 2003

Will I blog?

This is an interesting question... In spite of feeling that blogging is rather stupid, I'm somewhat drawn to having a decent place to put rants.... We shall see.

Posted by bzbarsky at 1:30 AM