Oracle, AVG, Ask, Norton, & Others

The proliferation of software installers designed to trick Windows users into adding unwanted applications to their systems is horrifying. How can so many "legitimate" companies participate in such scammy and evil practices?

The animation above shows one installer with it's 9 unrelated software opt outs.

Why are we allowing this? Why is it OK for major brands to use these tactics and face no repercussions?

It's past time for all of us to start registering our dissatisfaction with these crummy distribution practices that are eroding confidence in personal computing and driving people away from rich and participatory experiences and towards easier and more consumption oriented experiences.

Oracle, AVG, Ask, Norton, others, you all have to stop this. You have to stop paying for scammy distribution for your toolbars and you have to stop taking money for scammy distribution through your installers. This is not acceptable behavior for such respected software companies. It's user-hostile and it needs to stop.

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