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The latest browser usage stats are out at Net Applications:

Firefox has been mostly stable over the last year with Chrome down about 15% from its high. The increasingly solid IE 9 and 10 browsers have helped reverse Microsoft's slide, putting them solidly in positive growth over the last year.


posted today.. on purpose?!?

@tom jones:

From all I know about data from previous months, this sounds real. Just happens to be posted on this day because it's the start of the month.

Since the drop was around the time Windows 8 was released, I assumed that the change was caused by more people buying new PCs (not that they necessarily bought Windows 8, just that people might have been waiting to see), and that Firefox users had been using the browser by choice and therefor reinstalled, whereas Chrome users might have been using the browser because of bundling and therefor did not know they where using it. But that is a lot of assumptions. The gain for Chrome in December just means that more people are using it at home, I guess.

Another thing is that there are kind of a lot of people still using old versions of the browser. 20.21% in total might be running Firefox, but only 15.19% are running version 18, 19, 20 or 21 (most on 19 at the time of counting) or just over 75%. And 0.60% are running Firefox 3.6 (Firefox's "IE 6" the browser that refuses to die). Could the metrics and/or sumo teams figure out who they are (e.g. from update pings, if they do ping: countries, companies/home ip's) and perhaps contact a few of them to figure out why they don't upgrade so some targeted out-reach could be done? I had a look at an installation at one point where the user was simply not being prompted (before the silent updates).

The difference between Net Applications and StatCounter ( is growing. StatCounter has Chrome way ahead of even IE, and on a strong upward trajectory, while Firefox and IE are on a mild downward trajectory. Weird.


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