Firefox Develops Some New Social Skills


For the last six months or so, we've been doing the heavy lifting to build a new social capability into Firefox. Rather than force this integration, a set of features that might not be interesting to all of our users, we took a different approach and built an API that will allow sites like Facebook and others to provide social content to Firefox if Firefox users choose to receive it. If you're not interested in these new features, you'll never see them and they won't impact your Firefox experience in any way. If, on the other hand, you think you'd get value from carrying your social experience with you even when you're off of that site, you should give it a try.

Here's what some Twitter folks are saying about the Facebook integration in this first Firefox release with the Social API.


Any plans to integrate Twitter to the Social API?

Gregorio, we're talking with all interested participants. Feel free to let Twitter know your interested in that.

Do you have any metrics on the overall number of positive and negative comments? The above tweets are encouraging but don't indicate the overall picture.

I would have liked this feature more a year or two ago. At this point its basically been replaced by docking the messaging app to the left of the screen. If you can make it pretty, it should be good on linux and os x, but imo its been rendered obsolete on win 8

I don't understand why we have to put something like a "social API" in Firefox. That should be an addon

This shouldve been an addon. I dont mind extra superfluous features like dev tools and social addons, but this should be unselectable through custom/advanced install rather than forced upon all users. A link to grab the most recent version of these functions in the Firefox menu wouldve sufficed, especially when far more crucial functionalty and improvements are being neglected.

Desktop Firefox users are fed up of being treated as third-class un-citizens of the web, and cherry-picking a few fanboy statements from Twitter paints a worrisome picture for the future, made of denial.

Walton, this is much like an Add-on, but a different Firefox API than the traditional add-ons API. It's not active unless you enable a social provider. I'm happy to answer questions if you've got them.

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