First Windows 8 TV Ad - ASUS Dissed?


Microsoft's first Windows 8 television ad includes devices from all of its major OEM partners except ASUS. Featured in the video are devices from Samsung, Sony (two devices,) Acer, Lenovo (two devices,) and HP.

ASUS, you'll remember, was the OEM to make public complaints about Microsoft's Surface devices.

ASUS also has one of the largest stables and some of the best reviewed devices coming out for Windows 8, including the Vivo Tab, Vivo Book X202, Taichi 21, Transformer Book, and the Zenbook Prime UX21A Touch.

update: Well, I got that one wrong, it was Acer, not ASUS that raised the complaints. Oops. It's still curious why ASUS was left out considering the investment they've made in Windows 8 devices.


it's just one ad.. maybe lay of the tea reading until the 26th?

Asus Nexus 7, maybe?

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