So Long, Chris Blizzard

When I first got involved with Mozilla, back in 1998, Chris Blizzard was there, hacking on xlib and gtk. In those very early days of the project, (and having no idea his age,) I looked up to him as a grizzled Mozilla and open source veteran. When I joined the leadership team,, in 2000, Chris was already an integral part of that group and helped me get my bearings and then courage to move beyond QA community building into larger and more challenging roles. Soon after, when Brendan created Mozilla's first project management team,, and invited me to be a part of it in 2001, Chris shared a founding seat and taught me much of what I know about making large software releases happen. In late 2007, Mozilla was fortunate enough to be able to finally hire Chris into a full-time role and not long after that, in 2008, Chris became the manager for the Tech Evangelism team, where I was working at that time. After a couple of years there, he moved over to the newly created Mozilla Product team to run Web Platform and I eventually followed him to the Product team to become the Director of Firefox Desktop. He and I have been working together there to make Firefox the best browser in the world for users and Web developers.

Blizzard is leaving Mozilla and heading to a start up. I'm thrilled for him and at the same time I'm tearful and sad because I know that I'm going to miss him greatly and often.

Chris, you've been a mentor, a partner, and a friend to me for 12 years. You helped me find my way at Mozilla, on more than one occasion, and I will be forever grateful. Good luck.

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