Where are the Firefox Channels Today?


Firefox releases keep on coming. We just shipped Firefox 9 with the killer-fast JavaScript Type Inference work and Firefox 10, with add-ons defaulting to compatible is just around the corner.

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Firefox 11, which is in Aurora today, makes an awesome leap forward in developer tools. If you're a Web dev, you really should be checking those out. Firefox 12, currently on the Nightly channel, has killed the Windows UAC dialog, so there's one less annoyance on updating.


I think the not requiring a UAC override for update is a really great change. Was really not goo for us to be a reason for people to decide to disable UAC because it was too inconvenient to run nighties.

Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. Just in how we are perceived. No longer making it more likely to have people override a security setting is a really good thing.

For those curious about the UAC changes for updating in Firefox 12: they're at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Windows_Service_Silent_Update

Great work, and couldn't come soon enough, in my opinion!

I have my Firefox nightly in a portable apps container and on a different drive from C:. I would think nightly users would be technical enough to do that to not get the UAC prompt?

Firefox 12 would be a great opportunity to move to Ubuntu-style date-based version numbering!

Having a smooth upgrade for Windows is great.

Any chance we'll see an Linux updater that doesn't require to manually run Firefox as root, or that doesn't require the Firefox program folder to be writable for all users?

I happy to see silent updates as well. Also, it is good to see the ESR making its debut with Firefox 10 for enterprise and users who want a slightly slower update option.

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