March 24, 2011

we're upgrading the web

On Firefox launch day, you all set the world on fire with more than 7 million downloads of the blazing fast new Firefox 4.

But you didn't stop there. No, you went out and told your friends and your family and your co-workers and anyone else that would listen that Mozilla was back! and that Firefox 4 was again the browser to beat.

And you all did something amazing and unheard of in software. You pushed the day 2 download totals well beyond what you made happen on release day.

Your dedication to upgrading the Web and your social networking to make that happen have not only led to more downloads on day 2 than on day 1, but you helped drive that number to a new high 24 hour high, 8,750,000 downloads -- topping even the amazing 24 hour world record of 8 million downloads that we set with Firefox 3.

Thank you, Mozillians. You all are amazing. Let's keep it going through day 3!

Oh, and in case you want to follow along as we blow through 20 million total downloads of Firefox 4, head over to

update: At the end of day three, Firefox 4 has been downloaded 24 million times! You all really did set the world on fire! Just amazing.

Posted by asa at 1:17 PM