January 11, 2011

the web is not built on patents

No one owns the Web. It's not built on patents. People building Web sites and applications, people using Web sites and applications, and people building Web browsers and other Web clients all benefit from this very important freedom whether or not everyone realizes it.

Mozilla, and our friends over at Opera, have insisted on this important fundamental principle of the Web as we've built out support for HTML5 <video> in our browsers. Today, with notice that they intend to stop shipping the patent encumbered h.264 video codec in Chrome, Google has joined Mozilla and Opera and lent its significant weight to this critical aspect of the Web.

With approximately 40% of Web usage happening through these three browsers, VP8+Vorbis in WebM will soon have the critical mass it needs to become the standard video technology for HTML5's <video> tag.

update: Mozilla's Mike Shaver has a great post on this development.

Posted by asa at 2:09 PM