new firefox 4 betas for desktop and mobile


Firefox 4 is getting really close. Help us finished it faster by using the latest betas and giving feedback.

Get the Firefox 4 beta for desktop here and for mobile by searching the Android Marketplace for "firefox web browser".


I snap the QR code I get "404 error", I search "Firefox" I get a bunch of crap/ripoffs (you should really sort this out), I search for "firefox web browser" I consistently get no results.

I've already uninstall beta 2, this is really frustrating now.

lol? what?

"I search for "firefox web browser" I consistently get no results."

Top 4 results are firefox.

The rest are about firefox.

There is 1 result that might be suspicious.

1 other result clearly state's it's not about the browser then clearly states that they are big fans of the browser.

Damian, do you have a virus that doesn't want you to install a safer browser?

Try the same search on android market place like the post is refering too -_-


So it took several clicks on mobile-unfriendly sites with some links actually being quite hard to spot on a mobile just to get "your requested item was not found".

Now I could go on the mozilla ftp site, but really from a 'normal' users perspective this is awful.

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (Europe version) , Android 2.1

searching for mozilla firefox, firefox, firefox web browser on the market never return firefox
Alternatively, I wen't with integrated android browser on firefox mobile site.
When I click on the android mobile download , a error message from mozilla web site appear ....(something like file not found, tried yesterday and today, same pb)
Can't try to download with firefox from the mobile as I uninstalled 4.0b2 following instructions from mozilla...
Downloading from mozilla web site worked well for firefox mobile 4.0b2 so it regressed.
I guess some link or redirection is missing on mozilla web site.
I just went to to download it directly on the mobile. It works this way.

It's great to have firefox on mobile.

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