October 21, 2010

are we fast yet?

Last week we moved ahead of Apple's Nitro engine and today we move ahead of Google's V8 engine. That gives Mozilla's Spidermonkey JavaScript engine (including the Tracemonkey and JägerMonkey JITs) the fastest Sunspider scores on the planet!

(And yes, we are comparing against the latest code for Nitro and V8.)

update: As Nicholas notes in the comments, we didn't really pass Nitro last week since that was only with the JägerMonkey JIT and not the combined JägerMonkey and TraceMonkey JITs (the purple line) which didn't beat Nitro until today.

update2: Here's Google's V8 benchmark.

We're now well ahead of Nitro, but still some distance to go to catch up with V8.

Posted by asa at 6:28 PM