May 21, 2010

a better web is winning

Another way to think about recent user data for Firefox and Chrome that I posted is to see them as allies for a better Web.

Of course there's friendly competition between the browsers, but if you add up all of the Firefox1, Chrome2, Opera3, and Safari4 users, you come up with a pretty big number. How big? Nearly 600 million users.

There may be some overlap between browsers, but I think it's completely reasonable to assert:

There are more than half a billion people using these four amazing and modern browsers right now.

Half a billion is a really big number. It's quite difficult for me to even visualize that many people. Firefox makes up the lion's share of that, about 75%, but when you're thinking about the health and future of the Web rather than the success of individual browser vendors, half a billion users is pretty amazing.

Posted by asa at 4:25 PM