locking it down. what a shame.


Following in Apple's unfortunate footsteps, Microsoft has just acknowledged that it too will restrict all installs on Windows Phone exclusively to a Microsoft managed store. That's a real shame.


I'm not surprised in the slightest. Now why wouldn't MS want to restrict Applications to a platform that's tied exclusively to their OS? Because MS being the champion of choice they are strives to fight lock-in no matter the cost to their monopoly?

If they could get away with it they'd do the same with PC Windows. The same goes for Apple with OSX. (That's why they are pushing for iPhone OS in their higher end devices)

I think here MS takes advantage of the (unbelievable) fact that people seem to have accepted the Apple dictatorship in a clueless way.

Unfortunately Android is not yet popular enough to make people aware of an alternative.

Also, sadly, most users will probably not notice the way they are locked-in by having only app-store provided software on their devices.

And the hype about the ipad goes on... I would like to see the reaction of the media if MS would offer a non-multitasking OS on a tablet...

Generally I think an app-store is a very good thing. But I can not accept it to be the only way to get software to my device. The user should always be free to install what he/she wants.

what does this mean for Firefox on Windows Phone 7? Especially given that the development model is Silverlight? I suppose creating a browser out of Silverlight could be pretty interesting for IE users with Silverlight installed...

Well doesn't this sound eerily familiar...


Trusted computing. They may not get us on the desktop (or at least, not yet), but Apple and now Microsoft sure are moving heaven and earth to have the common person view it as the norm in the mobile space. And we can't have that, can we?

Can't wait for Firefox on Android to come ~

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