September 1, 2009

net applications august update

Net Applications has released their August update.

Firefox gained half a point to land a hair shy of 23%. IE dropped 7/10ths of a point to a hair shy of 67%. Chrome grew a quarter point to achieve 2.84% global share on its one year anniversary. Everything else was pretty much flat.

It looks like the summer slowdown is ending for Firefox. For as long as we've been tracking users and usage trends, summer has always been slow for Firefox. I attribute some of it to many of our European users taking their nice long summer breaks and to school being out. Once Europe returns from vacation and students return to class, we start to see solid gains.

The other interesting bit is the 1 year anniversary of Chrome. Chrome jumped right up to 1 point immediately on launch, and in the 11.5 months since then has added less than two points to their overall share. They're getting close to Safari levels and pushed Opera into fifth place so that's gotta make the Chrome folks happy, but I think that most people expected more than 2.84% share a year after the big release.

Finally, on the browser versions front, for the average of the month of August, IE was splitting its users three ways, with ~25% on 6, 21~ on 7, and 15% on 8. Firefox usage was split with about 12.5% on 3 and 8.9% on 3. Firefox 2 usage is well under 1.5% and it's probably time for Web developers to consider whether or not it makes sense to continue supporting Firefox 2.

Posted by asa at 10:10 AM