July 5, 2009

more on internet explorer's falling

Erick Schonfeld, over at TechCrunch, takes a look at the StatCounter data (which still bothers me a bit because of the unexplained spikes) and notices something I've been saying here for a while. IE is falling pretty fast.

Here's a chart I whipped up from the StatCounter raw data.

Other, which is mostly Chrome, Safari, and Opera, and Firefox are both growing pretty solidly, and all at the expense of Internet Explorer.

The current state of things, according to StatCounter, in rough terms are this: IE is about 60%, Firefox is about 30% and Other is about 10%. It's not an ideal landscape, but it's certainly an improvement over just 5 years ago when IE was more than 95% of the browser market.

Posted by asa at 10:00 AM