June 1, 2009

one year of internet explorer usage share

The last year has been very exciting for browser vendors, Web developers, and users going online. With the release of Google Chrome, Firefox 3, and Internet Explorer 8, the Web is getting better for everyone.

The most dramatic movement in the browser market, however, has belonged to Internet Explorer.

Data from Market Share by Net Applications

Internet Explorer 6 continues its long downward trend, dropping about 10 points in the last year and IE 8 has been cannibalizing IE 7 users at a strong pace for the last 3 months.

I expect that the next month will see IE 6 finally fall under 15% (and hopefully trending to fall under 10% by the end of this year.) That's good news for everyone.

We should also see IE 8 meeting IE 7 and crossing at about 25% each in the next couple of months.

What does this mean for you as a Web developer? As a user? As a browser maker?

Posted by asa at 7:21 PM