May 12, 2009

longterm browser trends

Today I put together a chart of browser usage share for the major players, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It charts the usage breakdown from autumn of 2004 when Firefox 1.0 was released through last month.

data from Net Applications Browser Market Share Report

I've annotated the chart with the major browser version releases (please let me know if you see any errors there) and what's interesting here is that browser releases aren't having any major impact on the macro trends.

Now, this isn't to say that browser releases don't matter. I could imagine a chart that looks radically different were Microsoft or Firefox to not have had the releases they did in this period.

Still, it's interesting that the trends are so very linear and that major releases from Microsoft and Mozilla don't match even the impact of the nominal seasonal changes.

What do you see in this data?

Posted by asa at 5:07 PM