February 10, 2009

get miro 2

Exciting news from our good friends at the Participatory Culture Foundation: Miro 2 is here!

For those of you who don't know, Miro is a very cool desktop program that makes it super-easy to find and watch video content from the Internet.

(You can even subscribe to bittorrent rss feeds! How did I ever get along without that?!)

There's just no cooler video tool available for locating, acquiring, and watching TV shows, movies, YouTube shorts, just about anything.

Oh, and the people behind Miro are awesome. They're a not for profit organization with a global community of volunteers (just like Mozilla!) working their butts off to create a more open and democratic video space.

Get Miro, and if you like it and the mission of the PCF appeals to you, get involved.

Posted by asa at 11:48 AM