January 10, 2009

seven things about me

I got tagged by Chris Blizzard, so here's me.

Oh, first the rules.

OK. Here’s me, in no particular order.

  1. I like sneakers and own (and regularly wear) about 30 different pairs.
  2. I was raised a vegetarian, actually a vegan but we never called it that.
  3. I've been in 7 serious automobile accidents, 3 of them my fault.
  4. I have pretty terrible stage fright.
  5. My wife and I have traveled together to every continent except Africa and Antarctica.
  6. I volunteer for the Gorilla Foundation and know Koko personally.
  7. My wife and I haven't spent a night apart in nearly 12 years.

The seven people I'd like to hear from are David Tenser, Seth Bindernagel, Marcia Knous, Jay Patel, Ken Saunders, Marcio Galli, and Aaron Leventhal.

Posted by asa at 1:25 PM