microsoft's sagging browser business


One paragraph in a CNBC article on Microsoft's cost cutting really stood out.

One of the units already seeing cutbacks is Microsoft's sagging browser business. A report in the Seattle Times says 180 contract workers were told last month that their services would not be renewed.

Wow. We're really in a different place than we were just a few years ago.

Anyone out there know if there's any credence to Microsoft's IE team seeing personnel or other cutbacks?

update: well, it looks like the (not linked) story that Jim Goldman referenced was about the MSN Homepages team and had nothing at all to do with the IE team. Perhaps Jim misunderstood the Seattle Times article. Maybe he'll post a correction.


I for one would NOT be happy to see the IE team dismantled, unless that was accompanied by a statement that MS was going to remove IE from their OS, and instead offer download links for browsers. Because we saw them dismantle the IE team before, which gave us the stagnant and destructive (to web standards) IE6. As a web developer, I sorely wish they never do that again.

Sorry to be off-topic, Asa, but I need to ask a question. Has Mozilla begun testing Firefox 3.0.x/3.1/3.2 on Win7 and what is Mozilla's plan on support for Win7? It should work just fine, but there's always some unexpected compatability issues every time MS updates Windows. Thanks.

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