yes, you really want to change


About 15% of you that hit this page are doing so with Internet Explorer. This (repeat) message is for you.

Stop using IE now. You are in serious danger.

Even if you don't like the other browsers, you just cannot afford to be using IE right now with this massive vulnerability being exploited as we speak.

Get Firefox or get Safari for Windows or even Google Chrome. Any of those browsers will import all or most of your IE settings and will keep you safe while you wait on Microsoft to fix this very serious problem.

You don't have to stay with any of these browsers and it hopefully won't be that long until MS has a fix, but you cannot afford to spend even one more minute online with IE until you've got that fix.


Asa didn't mention Opera on purpose. He knows that flamewars in comments drive traffic ;)

Why Safari for windows? They could also just buy a mac. :)

Some people really want to change.

Some things never change, though. Asa still lies, like he always did.

Serious danger? I doubt that very much. I choose to use Firefox and Opera because I like the interface and the ability to skin both. At work we use IE and we've never had issues relating to our security. I think we like to make mountains of out molehills.

btw... I like the new look of this blog.

In other words, ~15% of your readers are reading this blog on a work computer where they don't have a choice as to which browser they use. Fortunately for me, I'm happily posting from work using my browser of choice (though that choice changes fairly regularly).

Hey Asa, can you delete all the Opera trolling posts? Many times when other people post on Opera employee's blogs criticising Opera's weakness and bugs with valid and good arguments, they delete it without daring to respond to it like a man, talk about lame.

Firefox tops list of 12 most vulnerable apps

Mozilla’s flagship Firefox browser has earned the dubious title of the most vulnerable software program running on the Windows platform.

OOPS: IE is even not in the list. That's because they count only fixed vulnerabilities :).
And Firefox is not on the top, it is just listed first.

OOPS: this article is so obviously bullshit, it's not even funny. If you can't figure out why on your own, the comments there may make you understand.

And about that, why did you lie about Opera, Asa?

Having read and reread all the links provided, I stand corrected. It would appear that IE has a very serious flaw. Unfortunately our IT person could care less and so our company must continue to use it as our only browser. However, I've taken note of the very real threat and will not run it at home until it is adequately patched. My apologies for my previous post.

The MSDN blog says Microsoft has released an out-of-band update.

So counting from December 16 when this post is posted, the IE users were in danger... for one day. And the vulnerability is fixed in December 17. Oh the irony.

Judith, actually, we don't know how long the bad guys knew about this before Microsoft did but it was at least a week.

Asa, but we do know the time between this blog post and the patch from M$, which is, well, at most just one day. That's the usefulness span of this particular "you really want to change" blog post of yours. really ironic.

Judith, yeah, pardon me for not being more effective at early warnings for IE users. I'll do better next time. Maybe you'll credit me for some of the 200+ million former IE users that were safer with their default browser as Firefox :-)

Yes_you_really.. WTF? :)

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