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The auto-tune was a very cool invention. If you can really sing, if you've got decent pitch, it can be carefully employed to help correct a slight miss in the studio or at a live show.

Real-time corrections for the occasional note that's a bit too high or smidge too low is one thing. Turning someone who can't sing into someone who can sing is something entirely different. Auto-tune is a safety net, not a pair of wings.

Cranking up a real-time effect like auto-tune ord throwing in a massive amount of reverb just doesn't make an awful vocalist sound any better. Please stop trying. Please.




Don't always assume the artist knows auto-tune is being applied as a safety net. :-) I used to work as an audio engineer at Phase One recording studio in Toronto. One time, we were recording a girl pop group. After the initial recording of vocals, the next day the producer told the girls that we would be doing some editing, and that they didn't need to come in until a few hours later. It was during that time, we went through each vocal track, correcting the pitch. The girls had no clue. They came in later that day, and thought what we did was great.

are you saying you don't like the new kanye album?

i actually really like how he uses auto-tune-- to me it's not much different than putting distortion on a guitar, it's an aesthetic choice.

npr, I'm saying that if you can't hold a tune, auto-tune can't fix it for you and pretending that it can is pretty lame.

- A

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