November 30, 2008

firefox market share up in november

NetApplications has just released their monthly report Browser Market Share which shows Firefox hitting 20.72% of the global market in November.

(Data from NetApplications)

This is a pretty solid jump over October, but also fairly consistent with the kind of growth Firefox has seen in the third quarter of previous years.

This month, the browsing world hit another major milestone, Internet Explorer fell below 70% market share for the first time, landing at 69.88% for the month of November.

(Data from NetApplications)

As you can see when comparing the two graphs, IE is falling at a slightly faster rate than Firefox is growing. Pretty much all of the difference can be accounted for in the slow decline of the Windows desktop, which has this month fallen under the 90% mark for the first time. (Will the I.E. team get back into the game on Macs?)

And finally, so I'm not accused of leaving off the niche browsers, Chrome has pulled solidly ahead of Opera, making it the new king of the sub-1%ers with about 0.83% usage.

All in all, a great month for browser competition on the Web. Who could ask for anything more.

Posted by asa at 10:35 PM