the colors

Bholley has a great blog post up on color management in Firefox. More than a great post, though, it's a call to action on testing this new feature and helping us figure out how much of it we can safely enable for the next Firefox release.

If you're interested in making color better on the Web, I strongly encourage you to head over to, read up on the issues, and get to testing and providing feedback.

Photo "like a record..." by shoothead and used under a Creative Commons license.

Also, I want to say thanks to Bobby Holley for his amazing work on color management this summer. The Mozilla project never ceases to amaze me on the talent and dedication front. We literally would not be where we are today without crazy-smart people, like bholley, that really care about making Firefox and the Web better.

So, get over to his blog and help us make a color managed web.

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