javascript at the speed of light


JavaScript as a performance bottleneck is a thing of the past. Native code speeds, here we come. Be afraid. Be very afraid! :D


When this is finally released (in, I hope, Firefox 3.1 :) I would love to watch a comparison of a $300 Linux-based 'netbook' with a modest Intel Atom processor tearing through a benchmark like SunSpider versus a $1000 Windows Vista machine with IE trying desperately to keep up >;-)

This is great to hear. It's a bit early to tout it as "news", but definitely the kind of effort the fans want to hear about. Everything is going toward the browser becoming the only relevant platform. Firefox is perfectly positioned as the browser of choice when that happens, because Firefox is the only one that takes applications seriously as opposed to having an attitude of "let's just render the pages". This is evidence of some very good forward vision at Mozilla.

Nice, but first go forth and fix that memory leak in 3.01

Be afraid. Be very afraid... of JavaScript V8. This is what I call PWNAGE.

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