July 28, 2008

aloha schrep

You helped so much to make Mozilla better and Facebook will be the next organization to benefit from your good works. Aloha, Schrep!

I suspect that too few know fully what Schrep's done for Mozilla beyond the what speaks quite well for itself in the last three Firefox releases. And I'm on the road today so I don't have time to list all of the ways that Mozilla's benefited from having Schrep's leadership these last few years but it's worth a quick reminder that his work and influence go well beyond just product engineering. Without him we not only would not have the Firefox we do today, but we wouldn't have the infrastructure and other key pieces of product and organizational coherence that have us in such an amazing position to rock and roll the Web forward.

It's been a blast working with you Schrep! Good luck at Facebook and thanks for all that you've done to make Mozilla better.

Posted by asa at 10:43 AM