May 16, 2008

firefox 3 release candidate one

We're almost there, folks.

Today's penultimate release will make it clear to millions of people all across the globe that Firefox is in a league all its own.

This is the culmination of 3 years of intense development by the world's most experienced browser team to bring us the fastest, safest, most powerful, and easiest to use Web browser ever.

With more than 14,000 improvements over the previous release, ranging from dramatic performance and memory gains to truly innovative features like the "Awesome Bar," Firefox 3 is the no-compromise browser that puts you back in control of your Web experience.

Those Ajax apps that were "almost" fast enough? In Firefox 3 they scream. That Web page you can't find but were just at? It's only a few keystrokes away with the Awesome Bar. That mess of un-filed bookmarks? Neatly tagged and sorted. That suspicious "paypall" or "amason" website? Identified and blocked. That one add-on you just can't live without? Now available right from the Add-ons Manager.

I could go on and on and on. There are literally too many improvements to list. Why not download Firefox 3 RC1 now and see which new feature makes Firefox your browser of choice.

Posted by asa at 10:31 PM