firefox wins again


Not just a victory, but a domination: Firefox wins the LinuxJournal's Readers' Choice Awards once again and this time with 86% of respondents giving the thumbs up to Firefox.

Firefox wins Favorite Web Browser with 86% of your votes. But where, oh where, have the very capable Opera and Konqueror gone? Fewer than 5% of you named them your favorite browser.

Linux is kind of an unknown when we talk about Firefox users. Because most Linux users get Firefox from their Linux distribution rather than from Mozilla, we don't have any decent visibility into how many of them there are. What we do know from this survey, and many others like it, is that Firefox is far and away the top browser on Linux.

This is a testament to the power of "shipping with the OS" and to the strength of Firefox considering that most Linux users are very comfortable downloading and trying new programs.


This is awesome news. Something that will only improve in the community with FF3. I've been using the various betas for quite a while and wouldn't go back.... even though I don't have some of my fave extensions like the google toolbar.

Firefox 3 is shaping up nicely. But I am a little worried by the bad interactions with plug-ins. I've had my FF3 hang or semi-hang numerous times with various plug-ins, such as Flash and Adobe PDF Reader. What's a semi-hang? It's when one of the tabs stops updating while the rest of the browser still runs and it's possible to close the offending tab and keep using the browser. I'm sure it's just birthing pains.

Weird results considering that Konqueror is installed by default in many distros; desktop linux had both Konqueror and Opera at 14-12% and Firefox at 60%:

One would think that those results are more accurate, at least according to my experience a lot people use Konqueror and Opera on Linux...

"most Linux users are very comfortable downloading and trying new programs."

Indeed; I run Ubuntu and have Opera and Konqueror (as well as Links2 just for fun :) installed on my system and play with them occasionally, but Firefox is the only browser I actually *use*.

It's because Ubuntu is ultra popular and Firefox is the one and only default browser in Ubuntu. People just use it and get used to it. One thing is, even one downloads and tries other browsers, one will mostly revert back to the browser that he/she is most used to. Just see how many Windows users try Fx/Opera/Safari and then revert back to IE. So Ubuntu users will get used to the bundled Firefox browser just like Windows users get used to the bundled IE browser, despite there may be better alternatives out there.

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