firefox 3 to be the fastest shipping browser in the world


As you can see from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' SunSpider performance graph over at ZDNet's Hardware 2.0 blog, Firefox 3 RC1 is the fastest browser in the world. Firefox 3 RC1 is pretty much identical to what's going to ship as Firefox 3 next month so these are reasonably final numbers.

Firefox 3 will not only be faster than the niche browsers Safari and Opera, but it's going to completely decimate its competitor in the mainstream, IE 7 -- beating Microsoft's offering in JavaScript performance by nearly 10x!!

Users migrating to Firefox from IE 7 are going to find that performance boost to be very noticeable at popular Web applications like Gmail where messages load about 7 times faster in Firefox 3 compared to IE7. Not only that, Firefox 3 will do it with about 1/5th the RAM usage of IE7.

Tired of poky performance at Gmail, or Google Reader or other Web applications? Get Firefox 3 for the fastest experience available.


Over the past few months I've found konqueror 3/4 beats firefox 3 for speed/RAM usage, but on the other hand it's so broken right now it hurts. Guess it's back to firefox for me.

Hey Asa, I love Firefox and been using it since Phoenix, and I am using FX3 RC1 right now but I have to tell you this:

- I love FX3 for Mac OSX, nice polished UI, the best I've seen.
- I hate FX3 for WinXP, worst UI ever, icons suck, boring theme.

Btw, Awesome bar is awesome!

FF 3 RC1 seems pretty clunky compared to these other browsers mentioned on my Windows XP SP 3 machine. FF 3 RC1 crashes a whole lot more than does IE7, Opera 9.50 Beta, and Safari 3.1.1, also. I'm not able to use FF 3 RC1 as a result. Of course, most helpful addons are currently unavailable in FF3 RC1--- a longstanding issue with FF is that addons simply are unavailable for long periods of time as the 3rd party writers play catch-up. FF is my least used browser as a result. I'm being honest. Hope that it gets better. - you can't suddenly decide that only things you're good at matter. Having good JS performance is great (yay shavarrays), but please don't be hypocritical.

The Vista theme is not a welcome addition. Firefox 2 theme was much better.

Although I like Firefox 3 very much (it's been my default browser for over a year), I have to agree about the theme being bad on XP. The color of the back and forward buttons doesn't match anything else and makes them feel out of place, and the home icon with its yellow roof is an eyesore (although I'm getting used to it).

And JavaScript performances aside, Firefox is still the slowest in other areas. Particularly when it comes to scrolling on pages with fixed elements (that'll only be fixed in Firefox 4 thanks to Compositor), but also on tests such as: (Opera and others slaughter Firefox on that one)

First off, congratulations on FF3, you guys have genuinely done a great job. I couldn't believe, after testing earlier slow Minefield nightlies, how well you performance tuned gecko. Really good work! And the UI enhancements are substantial and innovative (especially Places rocks!).

With regards to those benchmarks, Opera didn't PGO optimise beta2, they've only done that for the latest weekly; that latest weekly is some 30% faster than the previous build on Sunspider, and on Mozilla's (lovely designed), I measured it some 15% faster than the latest Minefield nightly (Gecko/2008051804). To be honest, I doubt the differences are significant on the pure JS tests, and I think Safari, Mozilla and Opera are all to be congratulated on how much faster their rendering engines are in this iteration. There are many other variables than pure JS speed to browser performance, and still some room for improvement for Gecko 1.9x - 2.0; but after seeing how significant your updates of 1.9 are, I'm confident those gaps will close.

> Tired of poky performance at Gmail, or Google Reader or other Web applications? Get Firefox 3 for the fastest experience available.

I hope you have tried those web applications yourself, since they are definitely FAR from the fastest experience available, much slower than Opera and Safari.

Proves that synthetic benchmarks do not correlate to reality that well at all.

"fastest (shipping, graphic) browser in the world" isn't very impressive if there's only really 3 competitors. "Fastest out of 4 graphical browsers" would be more appropriate.

Also I think pure JS performance improvements don't matter as much and are not responsible for faster loading of e.g. Gmail.

But hey, let's spread UD. Actually it would be nice to see a good technical article about this. But you're only the PR guy, so I shouldn't have had expectations.

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