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It's a really good writeup of the work, people have put into making firefox more memory friendly. Go read it!

I just read the article and the detail is all well and good for an in depth explanation of the improvements, but what astounded me was that final graph comparing memory usage in FF3 compared to FF2 and IE7.

I saw some people over there were complaining about not having Opera in the test data and it would have been nice to see but I think the point was to compare the new build to the old and to the market leader which is for better or worse IE.

I was astounded by the IE7 browser usage, I figured with the advent of a much improved version albeit still not improved enough that they would fair much better in testing. I guess I was wrong.

BTW I don't see you around on JTV any more, did you go somewhere else or are you just concentrating on all the Mozilla work that needs to be done?

An updated memory load graph including Opera 9.50 Beta and Safari 3.0.4 Beta too, this time:


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